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Looking for a great way to get in shape? Interested in martial arts and real-world fighting skills? Or maybe you just want to move like an action sta with our Hpyer Martial arts Program. All of these are possible at El Paso Karate !

Here at El Paso Karate, we believe in combining fun and fitness with some of the best martial arts classes in Texas. We offer a wide variety of programs - everything from grappling to karate to kickboxing - and our instructors are all professionally trained and accredited members of Black Belt Schools International. With great classes, experienced teachers, and affordable rates, you won't find a better school for a thousand miles!

Not sure you have what it takes to be a martial artist? Don't worry! We welcome students of all ages, genders, fitness levels and skill sets. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or a beginner. We'll work with you and figure out the best fit for YOUR goals and needs.

Not sure where to start? That's okay too! Take a peek at several of the programs we offer:

Kids Karate:

Available to ages 4 and up, our kids karate classes focus on self-defense in a fun, safe, engaging environment. They're so exciting the kids won't even realize they're educational, too! (And don't worry, moms - every class is age-appropriate and carefully supervised!)


CLICK Here to view the Hyper Martial Arts video so you can watch the kids in action! You will see that just about any school age child can train to be a Hyper Pro Expert. Kids absolutley LOVE learning cool tricks just like a True Ninja. Just as important to our program, kids learn Confidence & Self Esteem!

Cardio Fitness:

Get serious with our Cardio Fitness program, designed to take you from any level and elevate you into a lean, hardcore phsyque. Drawing inspiration from MMA, this is the course for learners looking to challenge themselves to get into the very best shape possible. These are the same techniques fighters use to gain strength and stay lean.


Open to all ages, our taekwondo classes combine the wisdom of an ancient art with the fun of an Olympic sport. Learn how to strike, block, and spar under the careful tutelage of black belts - it's excitement for the whole family!

And those are just the beginning! Check out our other programs on their respective pages, too!

Whether you're looking for serious martial arts training or just a few lessons in keeping yourself safe, we're positive that our menu will have something FUN and USEFUL for people from ALL walks of life. We have a huge success rate (check out our testimonials!) and once you've experienced our place, we just know you'll come back for more.

In addition to our weekly classes, we also offer a variety of special events, including:

  • Safety workshops
  • Self-defense seminars
  • Kids summer camps
  • Kick'n Karate Birthday Parties

With so many options, can you really afford to walk away?!

Stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating and putting off the gym. It doesn't matter if your goal is a black belt or just a good time - we can help you achieve whatever you're looking for. It's time to get serious, get fit, and have the time of your life doing it.

Call us TODAY at 915-822-8818. We also welcome drop-ins if you're in the neighborhood.

Say yes to a brighter future - and no to boring fitness programs. Anyone can buy a treadmill or exercise bike, after all. Aren't you ready for something different? Something that can give REAL SKILLS without sacrificing fun and excitement?

Take a chance and challenge yourself with martial arts... you might just be surprised how much you like them!

Eleizza Marie - 5 stars - It's wonderful!  I just love it!  Best Karate teacher ever! Thanks for teaching my nephew koreben!  He's amazing!  Feb 27th, 2015

Elana Geyrozaga - 5 stars - Awesome karate school - fabulous instructors who are constantly changing things up so the kids don't get bored.  And we love how well rounded the program is emphasizing different life skills.  I was hesitant about signing a contract with them, but my son has been going for the past year and a half and we would continue except that we are moving. Definitely going to miss Mr Juarez and the wonderful instructors - Dec 10th, 2014

Samuel Castro - 5 stars - This is an excellent dogo with diverse self defense disciplines and experience in training military and law enforcement personnel.  I highly recommend this El Paso Karate to anyone looking to take their self defense to the next level!! - December 7th, 2014

Talaya Allen - 5 stars - I so miss this school!  The most amazing and caring staff I've ever encountered that truly love their craft - December 7th, 2014

Robert Conner - 5 stars - Great class, Great Instructors my children love it! - May 13th, 2014

From Yelp:
Kelly B - 5 stars - As a military family, this is my children's 3rd karate school and the first that has shown a diverse weapons training (which I love!), the instructors take time out to talk with the new students to FOCUS on points that need to be worked on.  They still take my boys aside when needed to help the learn steps to something new (to them) that everyone else knows. I highly recommend this school, all the instructors are WONDERFUL with kids. They are worth the money spent. - November 14th, 2014